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Women in Tech: Inclusion Guide for Individuals and Organisations

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AWESOME! We've curated a list of organisations in our Women in Tech: Inclusion Guide that provide free training, mentoring, networks, role models and inspiration. So whether you are starting your journey or needed inspiration to explore new opportunities - you will find something useful.

Are you an organisation driving diversity and inclusion in tech roles?

YESS!! Here are organisations that offer guidance and opportunities to help you address the tech talent shortage and the gender gap.

1. Join the UK Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a government-supported, industry-led membership group that brings together 700+ Signatory organisations and equips them with the networks and resources to drive their diversity and inclusion efforts. The TTC’s broad base of Signatories includes companies and industries of all sizes, non-profit organisations, charities, leading UK educators, and government departments.

The TTC works towards this goal by providing concrete measurement and insights into diversity in the tech ecosystem and actionable ways forward by gathering, curating, and distributing innovative practices, techniques, and ideas.

Learn more:

2. Women in Tech Inclusion Guide for Individuals and Organisations

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3. Organisations supporting women in tech


Built In


IBM SKills Build


Women who code

Wonder Women Tech

Gratitude to everyone pushing to close the gender gap in tech.

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