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Women in Tech Inclusion Guide

After 28 years in the corporate world in tech leadership, I decided to create a consultancy that merged my passion to drive positive change in tech with my experience of creating inclusive workplace cultures that empower people.

One of my hobbies is curating a list of organisations that provide free training, mentoring, networks, role models, and inspiration.

Whether you're starting your tech career or looking to advance your skills, there is a large community that can support you.

Who's this inclusion guide for?

  • Organisations wanting to drive diversity and inclusion.

  • Women dreaming about getting into tech.

  • Women in tech already and wanting to find community or pivot into different roles.

Why we care

The latest 2024 Diversity in Tech Report stats show that;

  • 21% of women are in senior tech roles.

  • 29% of tech employees identify as women or non-binary.

  • 1 in 3 women plan to leave their tech job.

  • 20% of software engineers are women.

  • 50% of neurodivergent women working in tech revealed their neurodivergent status to their manager, while the number is 69% for neurodivergent men.

White woman with long hair and glasses in a red jumper sitting down with in a living room at home. She is smiling with her leaning on her hand on he cheek.

Kinkajou Limited is a signatory of the UK Tech Talent Charter - a government-supported, industry-led group of 800+ organisations. It promotes diversity and inclusion efforts within its member organisations and publishes its diversity data annually. I am an ambassador and always up for a chat about what we can do make tech inclusion for all of us.

Are you an organisation wanting to drive diversity and inclusion?

Join the UK Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a government-supported, industry-led membership group that brings together 700+ Signatory organisations and equips them with the networks and resources to drive their diversity and inclusion efforts. The TTC’s broad base of Signatories includes companies and industries of all sizes, non-profit organisations, charities, leading UK educators, and government departments.

The TTC works towards this goal by providing concrete measurement and insights into diversity in the tech ecosystem and actionable ways forward by gathering, curating, and distributing innovative practices, techniques, and ideas.

Learn more:

Women in Tech Inclusion Guide

There are organisations that offer guidance and opportunities to help you address the tech talent shortage and the gender gap.

A black background with an images of logos of organisations with a mission of getting more women in tech


Built In


IBM SKills Build


Women who code

Wonder Women Tech

➡️ Interested in checking out our coaching services?

If you are working for an organisation, check whether they can invest in your development. We can help you with the business case for that.

If you are an individual, our services are priced to be accessible.

Explore our coaching for women in tech for a boost on your journey.


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