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Whether new or established teams, hybrid or remote, our accredited Kinkajou coaches provide team consulting and coaching to unlocking their potential together.

teams with a clear purpose are key to business success


Employees prioritised positive organisational culture. Microsoft 2022


Employees prioritised a sense of purpose and meaning. Microsoft 2022


Leaders feel that collaboration has declined. Nashsquared 2022


Leaders report that relationship-building is the greatest challenge in hybrid and remote work. Microsoft 2022

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Team coaching is a partnership between a trained coach and a team of individuals, designed to unlock potential and support the team in being the best version of themselves. 

"... helps teams work together, with others and within their wider
environment, to create lasting change by developing safe and trusting relationships, better ways of working and new thinking, so that they maximise their collective potential, purpose and performance goals." Henley Business School

What is team coaching?

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Our signature Team Coaching Program, EMPOWER, clarifies what makes this team feel safe and productive.  

Blending with 1:1 coaching unlocks the team's ability to reflect and act on approaches that drive collaboration, trust and productivity. 

Tailored - Virtual - Accredited Coaches

EMPOWER Team Program

UX Design Team

How it works

  1. Anchored around three areas.

  2. 6 * 90-minute group coaching sessions centered on specific topic.

  3. 2 * 1 -hour 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

  4. Six month duration.

  5. Includes 360 Assessment, session flyers, reflective exercises and post-program plans.

  6. Sponsor alignment through-out.

Who's it for?

  1. Any team of up to 6 people who are committed and mutually accountable to a common goal and purpose.

  2. Hybrid, remote or global teams.

  3. We specialise working with digital teams using an Agile or Lean approach.

What's the price?

£2,900 + VAT if applicable per participant

No obligation chat?

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