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Leading for engagement

  • 24Weeks
  • 6Steps


Maybe your organization is going through great change and you want to evolve your leadership styles? Perhaps you want to understand how to better use your strengths, proactively develop positive relationships, engage your people, and maintain a healthy inclusive culture that treats employees as humans and not “resources”. Create a culture that promotes engagement and ownership within your organization with leadership group coaching. Suited to professionals in upper-middle to senior level positions. Leadership group coaching provides a confidential space for a group of 4-6 leaders from the same organisation to grow both personally and collectively. This is not traditional leadership training with with a bunch of PowerPoint slides. Group coaching enables you to connect with your values and your authentic leadership identity. Your coach creates a safe confidential reflective space to explore fresh perspectives and the space to experiment using research-led coaching techniques that are inclusive and playful. Pricing based on a per person basis.

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